Outreach to the least of these
Food / Clothing / Aliyah / Financial Support

The policy:

The policy is determined by the statutes and by extension of the Foundation Board. The current long-term policy is aimed to collect funds that can be used for food packages, clothing and basic necessities to give to the poor. Besides this we strive to provide food and school materials to school children. In practical terms, an employee of the Foundation will be supported financially which is responsible for coordination and implementation. The collection of funds will be the next few years by providing information to sponsors and by finding foundation friends who want to support this work financially and materially. In addition, we will examine whether there is a government subsidy available for the Foundation activities.

The objectives:

The Aims of the foundation are:
In cooperation with local organisations, offering help to the poorest among the Jewish people and Holocaust survivors.
All other actions related to the above in the broadest sense as resistance in speech and writing against anti-Semitic remarks and activities.

About us:

Stichting "Outreach to the least of these" is a non profit organization, originated in 2015 and derives its name from the Holy Bible, in the book of Matthew 25:40 where the King said: “...Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me”(KJV).

Donations can be made by:
IBAN: NL74RABO0302102604
t.n.v. “Outreach to the least of these”